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Second, I didn't see what version of Exchange you were using. Exchange 2003 uses a hidden public folder for GAL communications; whereas 2007, 2010, & 2013 use OWA for GAL communcations. The troubleshooting steps would be based-off what Exchange version you're using. This is commonly seen when an Exchange environment has been migrated from Exchange 2003. And it happens because the Alias names for the particular public folders have spaces in them (or a character that Exchange does not like). Solution. 1. On your Exchange 2007/2010 Server Launch the Exchange Management Console > Toolbox > Public Folder ... NEXT OPEN EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSOLE (EMC) BY DOING THE FOLLOWING: 1. Connect to your Exchange Server using RDP or any remote application 2. Now click on start and type Exchange Ma 3. And select Exchange Management Console from the list. NOW WE WILL START THE UPDATE PROCESS, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING: 1. Det verkar finnas ett gäng här som använder Microsoft Entourage mot Exchange Server 2003. Det hade varit intressant att höra lite kommentarer för/emot denna kombination. Vi har en Communigate Pro server idag men för ett nytt projekt skulle Exchange och alla dess gruppfunktioner vara väldigt trevligt. This how-to walks through the process of manually updating offline address books for users from Exchange 2003 as well as the Global Address List. 7 Steps total Step 1: Open Exchange System Manager. This how-to was actually made on a SBS 3003 Premium Server, so it may look a bit different once we get into it. ... I created new Exchange Server new user but it doesn't appear in the Global Address List on Outlook 2003. I try to check the GAL on the server but i find the new user on the ESM>Recepients>Global Address Lists. (The new user is existing when i try to query the global address lists). Coexistence Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2003. Where Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2003 coexist, you can edit the GAL or the Address List objects from either Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007. However, there are two ‘gotchas’; firstly, you must upgrade Exchange 2003 objects before they can be edited by Exchange 2007. In Exchange 2003, how do I force the Global Address List to update? Log-into the Front End or Back End. Open System Manager in Exchange. Expand Recipients. Click on Offline Address List. Right click on Default Offline Address List and click on Rebuild. At prompt click OK. When a new email account is created in Exchange it will not normally appear in the address book of others until the following day. This procedure shows how to force newly created accounts to be visible in the address book: Force an address list update on the Exchange server; Pull down the address list in Outlook.

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