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The Massive 7/16-7/30 Maintenance Update

2020.07.21 11:49 thascout The Massive 7/16-7/30 Maintenance Update

The Massive 7/16-7/30 Maintenance Update
Hey Summoners,
I'm running a bit late with this week's write-up, but I figured that it would have been best to wait for the 'Epic Saga' that was hinted at in the Maintenance Notes to be revealed. And now, with all of the news for this week finally announced, I can bring you all a completely up-to-date weekly write-up!
So, what was this 'Epic Saga' that was being hinted at in the image below...?
7/16-7/30 Maintenance Cycle
Well, if you haven't been living under a rock for the past couple days, you already know, but for those who somehow don't, it's........... CROSS THE BLAZE!!!!
Yes, somehow the GSGL team decided to completely jump the gun and go for a Third Anniversary release, so hold onto your crystals, kids. It's going to be a rough couple months...
Without further ado, let's get into this week's banners.

Summoners' Choice #3: Super Newbie
Units from left to right: DZeorg, EMira, ?Veronica?, WMelia, DFen.
Now, we do have a new unit this week (well...a few new units, but let's take things one step at a time here). Up first, we have Veronica!
Veronica (Water, Human):
Stats Level 90 Max Tasmon Equipment Slots
HP 6680 +999 5* Magic
ATK 2882 +442 5* Magic
DEF 2315 +356 4* Physical

Awoken Veronica
Skill: 2000% Water DMG (Physical). Increase own Arts by 15. 9s CT, 700 Break
Arts: 18000% Water DMG (Magic). Increase own DMG and Skill Recovery CT by 50% and reduce own Defense by 75% for 15s. 1200 Break
True Arts: 40000% Water DMG (Magic). Increase own DMG and Critical Rate by 100% and reduce own Status Ailment Resistance by 60% for 15s. Reduce enemies' DMG Resistance by 30% for 15s. 2000 Break
  • While Near-Death, increase own DMG by 10%.
  • Increase Critical DMG by 50%.
Awakening Materials:
  • 1x Radachne Fragment (Spider Lady)
  • 2x Freydal Fragment (Blue Bird)
True Weapon- True "Lizaverde" 5* Magic
Skill 6000% Water DMG (Magic). Increase user's Critical DMG by 30% for 8s. If Water unit, increase Critical DMG by additional 30%. 30s CT, 2300 Break
Passives Increase DMG to enemies in Break state by 20%
When equipped by Veronica, increase Critical DMG by 30% and Skill CT Recovery by 40%.
Thoughts on Veronica:
Good lord, what a crazy unit. While Veronica will already drop into the Global metagame struggling due to her status as a DPS unit, she won't struggle for long. With some incredibly enticing self-buffs, high DMG, interesting drawbacks, and a killer TW, Veronica won't have a hard time establishing her presence onto the nuking metagame. Veronica also comes bundled with the added bonus of being a Water unit, meaning she'll directly synergize with one of the strongest nuking elements on the Global scene! While her use is and always will be limited due to a few of her drawbacks and reliance on Critical Hits to deal respectable damage, Veronica will still be a prime choice Water attacker for the foreseeable future.
Tier List Rating: A+

Onto the actual banner advice. Boy, is this an enticing banner to drop a few crystals on. The presence of Dark Fen alone makes this banner worth the pull if you're missing him, to be honest. Water Melia is an incredibly potent Water Attacker and shenanigan-enabler, Dark Zeorg is outmatched by a few of his peers, but isn't exactly "irrelevant", Earth Mira is the staple of a, still very powerful, team comp alongside Fen and Norn, and Dark Fen is just, Fen but cooler. This is, without a doubt, one of the better banners of the year, and normally I would advise dropping a few crystals on it just because. But, from the time this banner was announced, to now, circumstances have undeniably changed. The CTB units are coming very soon, and Luan, Liza, and Sistina are some of the strongest units in the entire game, so pull on this banner with extreme caution. So, here's the verdict.
Advice: If you're missing Dark Fen, pull once. IF you have a decent crystal surplus, and are missing Earth Mira, Aqua Melia, and/or Dark Fen, pull once. Otherwise, just save your crystals. I have a feeling that Veronica won't be added to the "ultra elite" pool of units that are incredibly rare on banners and usually just make appearances to sell crystals. And Dark Zeorg is great, but is by no means worth pulling for if you already have the better units that are available.
Summoners' Choice #3 Super Newbie True Weapon Banner
Left to right: Exceed Zechs, Izanagi, Lizaverde, Maelstrom, Stratega
This is undoubtedly one of the best TW banners that the Global community has ever seen. Exceed Zechs, while only marginally stronger than its farmable counterpart, is arguably THE best Magic Equip in the game, granting its user Arts on a relatively low CT along with a sizable DMG buff. Izanagi generates a potent amount of Arts for its user, along with lowering Equipment CT by 15%, making it a necessary item on any Support units that have Support Slots. Lizaverde is a competent Water-nuking equip, and though the units who can successfully utilize it are very few, it's still pretty great due to the fact that there aren't many Magic-oriented nuke equips. Maelstrom is definitely the weakest link here, but it isn't bad by any means at all. Maelstrom is unique in that it is a slot bending equip. On its active effect, Maelstrom will increase your team's status resistance by 100% for 12 seconds, making it useful for those stages with pesky status effects, such as Aesis and Radachne Crest. Finally, Stratega is an amazing nuke equip, and pairs incredibly well with the perpetrator of darkness himself, Dark Fen.
Advice: There are few downsides to pulling here. At the worst, you end up with a handful of alch and a free Rainbow Gem to stow away for future use. At best, you walk away with some pretty amazing equips. I'd advise that you pull once on this banner if you do not have: More than one copy of True Izanagi, more than one farmable Exceed Zechs, and Stratega. If you have the mentioned equips, you can safely pass here, and you should.
Summer Equips Summon
Yet another fantastic banner for this week. Finally, Summer Equips are back, and this time, they're on a focused banner, rather than something diluted like the King/Queen's banner!
Summer equips are unique in that, they are limited, yet some of them are incredibly good. Some of the notable equips are as follows, thanks to the Discord for compiling these!
  • Rishley's Sunset Bikini (Phys)- Amazing nuke/physical equipment.
  • Rayas' Summer Pants (Phys)- Great for Light nuking.
  • Alma's Bandeau Bikini (Magic)- Magic Nuke equipment.
  • Iris' Change of Pace (Def)- Fantastic slotbending general use Defense equip.
  • Iris' Rolly Frill Bikini (Def)- Amazing lategame WateFire DMG mitigator.
  • Celia's Seashore Pareo (Def)- Great burst mitigator.
  • Rem's Sexy Lace Bikini (Def)- Solid 4* DEF equip, bundled with relevant status resistances/cleanse.
  • Ganan's Wooden Sandals (Def)- Solid Fire DMG mitigator.
  • Sonije's Hot Pink Bikini (Support)- Decent teamwide Arts generation item.
  • Fen's Aloha Shorts (Support)- The reason you should pull on this banneamazing 4* Support equip.
Advice: Pull once here. It's incredibly unlikely that you'll have all of the swimwear equips in the game, and even the "bad" equips are still somewhat useful. Now, if you have a somewhat massive crystal stockpile, consider going all in on Fen's Aloha Shorts. In the past, Swimsuit banners have had a Hero Gem type system for guaranteeing an equip of your choice. If this is the case for this banner, it might be worth it to guarantee that one elusive equip that could potentially make your life easier. Keep in mind, however, that CtB is starting, and you'll likely want to pull on all of the banners that are released alongside it.
New Cross the Blaze Units!
That's right, Cross the Blaze Episode 1 is beginning tomorrow! With episode 1, comes Sistina (Cestina), the most relevant and useful of the Cross the Blaze squad. Eventually, I plan on doing a full write-up for the CtB units, though my life is rather hectic at the moment, so such a concept is on the back burner for now. But that doesn't mean I can't talk about the latest additions to the current Global roster! So, here's Sistina and Radakh.
Sistina/Cestina (Earth, God)-
Stats Level 90 Max Tasmon Equipment Slots
HP 7200 +999 5* Physical
ATK 2815 +432 5* Defense
DEF 2690 +413 4* Support

Awoken Cestina
Skill: 2400% Earth DMG (Physical). For 3s, reduce Enemies' Accuracy by 10%. 8s CT, 800 Break
Not a great skill. Reducing Accuracy already has some incredibly limited application, and the uptime is pretty garbage to boot. If anything, this will basically just exist as a potential BE generator, like most of the skills in the game.
Arts: 16000% Earth DMG (Physical). Increase all allies' Art Gauge by 20 and grant a barrier that negates 3000 DMG. 2000 Break
Now we're talking. This is the bread and butter of Sistina's kit. Essentially a powercrept version of Weaver's Arts, Sistina's Arts will allow her to keep her Team's Arts gain healthy and consistent, while also reducing a considerable amount of damage at the same time. There isn't much to say honestly. Instant Arts makes Sistina rather desirable, as it will allow her to slot into just about any team comp as a potent Arts generator, as she won't have to worry about which Art gen group she fits into.
True Arts: 42000% Earth DMG (Physical). For 15s, increase all Allies' Physical DMG by 100%, reduce enemies' DMG Resistance by 30%. 2000 Break
Good lord, they really wanted to force Weaver into irrelevancy with Sistina, didn't they? Sistina's True Arts is absolutely insane, as she'll dish out a whopping amount of damage herself due to the high multiplier, but she'll also briefly increase the team's DPS due to the absolutely insane buffs that come alongside her True Arts. While she won't exactly be popping off True Arts exclusively, it'll be important, especially in lategame content, to cycle her Arts and True Arts in order to maximize your team's damage output. This True Arts is also what makes Sistina an incredibly relevant nuke-supporter, as not many units are able to supply their team with buffs this large without any setup.
Cross Arts: To activate, use both Cestina and Radak's True Arts simultaneously (True Arts bar will turn Green on one unit when this is possible.
90000% Earth and Fire DMG (Physical). For 25s, increase Cestina and Radak's DMG by 200%, increase Fire Allies' Arts by 6/s (EX2) and increase Earth Allies' DMG by 150%. 5000 Break
Behold! The new mechanic belonging exclusively to the new Third Anniversary units! When both Partner units are in the same party, they'll gain the ability to use a third Arts, called Dual or Cross Arts. Honestly, as someone who is largely in the dark regarding the JP metagame, I'm not sure how good this actually is. Granted, having additional options when going about content clearing is always a plus, but in general, I'm not sure how practical this Cross Arts is. In order to see use, you need to do some rather specific team comp building, and you need to sacrifice at least one slot on your team for Radak. However, if conditions are met, I can't imagine the results being anything but devastating. With Sistina being able to power off some illegal amounts of damage herself, and enabling some ridiculous Earth-nuke shenanigans, I could see this Cross Arts being fun to employ at the very least.
  • Increase all Allies' Max HP by 10%.
  • Increase DMG to Giant Bosses by 50%.
  • When becoming near-death, increase Arts by 200 + For 15s, enter Majestic Grace. Magestic Grace increases Arts DMG by 100%. Activates once per quest.
Awakening Materials:
2x Radachne Fragments (Spider Lady).
2x Gorondola Fragments (Plant Monster).
True Weapon- True "Supernova" (5* Physical)
Skill 7000% Earth DMG (Physical). If user is Earth, for 12s, increase own Arts by 1/sec and own Physical DMG by 30%. 30s CT, 900 Break
Passives When equipped by Cestina, increase Arts by 2/sec. During Magestic Grace, increase Arts DMG by additional 150%.
When near-death, increase ATK by 20%.
The BiS option for Sistina's Physical slot, no doubt. While the Art Generation on this equip is modest at best, the passive alone makes it worth tossing into Sistina's Physical slot. Sistina becomes substantially more consistent with the passive Art Gen, and Majestic Grace is buffed to a crazy degree, though I'm still not sure how frequently you'll be using it.
Thoughts on Sistina:
What an absolutely ridiculous unit. It's only fitting that one of the rare SS tier units is locked behind an infrequent celebration within Grand Summoners, and Sistina is quite the character (I will never call her Cestina, sorry). Sistina is just about everything that you'd want from a unit; she's a defensive Art Generator, she's a nuke support DMG buffer, she's a dealer of unfair amounts of damage, and she's pretty cute on top of that. Eventually, with some of these DMG buffs you'll reach a point of diminishing returns, but due to my limited knowledge of the DMG calculation in Grand Summoners, I can't imagine that such a point is even easily attainable. If you're wondering why the community is freaking out regarding her release, just read the writing on the wall. Her kit is blatantly strong and she'll likely be a staple of the Global metagame until Grand Summoners dies.
Personal Rating: SS tier, with TW equipped. S+ without.
JP Tier List Rating: SS tier.
Radak (Fire, Beast)-
*Radak is a free unit, obtainable by completing Cross the Blaze Episode 1!\*
Stats Level 90 Max Tasmon Equipment Slots
HP 6891 +999 5* Physical
ATK 2416 +372 5* Defense
DEF 2577 +396 4* Defense

Awoken Radak
Skill: 1800% Fire DMG (Physical). Increase own Arts by 15. 9s CT, 700 Break
Great skill. Nothing unprecedented, but this skill provides Radak with some decent and consistent Art generation.
Arts: 12000% Fire DMG (Physical). Increase own Arts by 30. For 10s, increase Allies' ATK by 50% and reduce Enemies' ATK by 50%. 1500 Break
Holy crap, what an Arts. While this isn't anything too special, an ATK reduction of that size is incredibly potent when it comes to DMG mitigation. Not only that, but Radak will even help his team out by boosting their attack and increasing his own Arts by 30.
True Arts: 30000% Fire DMG (Physical). For 15s, increase Allies' DMG by 30% and reduce enemies' Fire Resistance by 35%. 2300 Break
Another relatively exciting part of Radak's kit. While this TA likely won't be seeing much action for veterans, this Arts is great for newbies who want to try their hand at nuking. Furthermore, for those that choose to slot in Radak on a normal team, cycling this TA with his Arts will definitely help his team deal more damage, and only makes him stronger.
Cross Arts: See above, Cestina and Radak share Cross Arts.
  • When Cestina is in the Party, increase Skill CT Recovery by 50% and increase DMG by 30%.
  • Increase DMG to Giant Bosses by 20%.
  • Increase DMG to Earth enemies by 10%.
Awakening Materials:
2x Ifrit Fragments (Fire God)
2x Flogassa Fragments (Fire Bird)
1x Mavroskia Fragment (Dark Dragon)
Thoughts on Radak:
You know what they say: You can't beat free. I'm unsure if Radak will come MLB already, but given the precedent set by Genos, he should come MLB. Radak is honestly a pretty great unit. The more I look at him, the more impressed I am with what he seems to be capable of. Radak's Arts seem to be the pinnacle of his kit. Coupled with his fantastic Defensive slotting, Radak will likely establish himself as a relevant and powerful pseudo-mitigator. The 50% ATK Down aspect of his kit has already been proven to be a strong DMG mitigator in other units like Lygor, Rem, and Arcana. But where Radak is almost on-par with these All-Stars is in his ability to be self-sufficient with consistent Arts gain on his Skill and his ability to pack some strong Defense equips AND run something like Izanagi to improve uptime. We'll see how Radak lands into the Global metagame, but I have high hopes for him on paper.
Personal Rating: A tier.
JP Tier List Rating: B tier.

That does it for new units, let's round out this week's post with some good ol' fashioned banner advice.
Hero Fest Cross the Blaze Episode 1
Units Featured: Cestina, Rem, Feena, Lozze, Tallis.
Not a bad banner, all things considered. While Lozze and Tallis are certainly not as great as Rem and Feena, all of the units on here are at least somewhat relevant, and you should be pulling on this banner anyway. Sistina's appearance here is the reason to pull. Sistina is and will be a permanent staple of the Global metagame due to her consistency, self-sufficiency, and team support, and you should honestly be throwing everything you have at trying to get her.'
Advice: Pull once here. If you're like me, guarantee Sistina as long as you have the crystals to do so. If there's an alch banner, consider pulling a few times. With the way Anniversary releases go, Sistina will undoubtedly make more appearances in the near future, so don't stress if you fail to pull her, she'll likely make a return about two or three more times before the year is even over.
Hero Fest Cross the Blaze Episode 1 True Weapon Banner
Equipment Featured: True "Supernova", True "Centurion", True "Alchemia", True "Dragon's Twilight", True "Diamond Chakram".
Not a bad banner at all. It certainly isn't as good as the other available TW banner, but it contains some pretty strong equips overall. Supernova is quintessential to Sistina's kit, Centurion is required to make Feena work and also doubles as a nice slot-bending equip, Alchemia is decent on Rem and comes with some pretty solid active effects, and the other two equips are far too niche to be considered "worth it".
Advice: Pull once if you get Sistina and/or you're missing Centurion. In any other case, this banner is a pretty easy skip.
Login Bonus:
Runs from 7/20-7/27
As if all the banners weren't enough, we've been blessed by Yama-P with a great, short Login Bonus! Be sure to login every day in order to obtain all the goodies!!
Welp, that about does it for this week! Stay tuned for Liza tmr and please let me know below if you catch any mistakes in my post. Good luck pulling Sistina!!
Happy Summoning and good luck to y'all,
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